The Space Force for decades has acquired communications services from traditional geostationary satellite operators. The request for information says it’s interested in LEO broadband for its faster speeds and lower latency.
“In preparation for a projected draft RFP to be issued second quarter of this year, CSCO requests additional information about the capabilities of existing and planned P-LEO COMSATCOM systems,” states the request.
To be eligible to compete for a Space Force contract, companies have to be able to provide terminal-to-gateway latencies no greater than 50 milliseconds, or propagation delays between a user terminal and a satellite no greater than 15 milliseconds. Services with higher latencies will not be considered, the request says.
Companies are asked to answer a list of 26 questions that get into the nitty gritty details of their networks and capabilities to support government customers.
The Space Force noted that it is only interested in current and planned service offerings, not hypothetical possibilities or services that require substantial investment on the part of the government.

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