A deeper look at the plandemic & the role it has played in the election, economy & psychological state of the US & the world.
Mirrored from Viking Jake AKA Admiral Angeli from his Rumble channel upload: HERE

Video archived by Shaman Starseed

Special Forces - Astral Beachhead Stormtrooper - Minstrel at Galactic Alliance of Light and Love - Bird Tribes Division Studied propaganda, social engineering and methodologies of greed (dropped out) at Institution of Coercion and Indoctrination

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  1. Are we a bunch a shamans reincarnated all at the same time …on a kinda grid on the globe wich we grow up without knowledge of our past life to rescuit the people of earth ?… I dont think i met another one like me close but not really… Im looking all around for someone who knows what i know but never found anybody … Exept at this very moment with the Internet … I think there is alot of people like me … I dont feel special or anything it is only in me for my whole life and I grewup with a bunch a knowledge that is just naturaly grow inside of me .. Like sacret geometrie and waves and frequency … Patern in the laguage of the universe its just naturel …never read about it or search for aswers nothing … It is growing naturaly with me … For a long time i tought that everyone was like me … But no one seems to understand … So all of my life a everyone was thinking i am a freak there is a couple of exeptions that knows really who i am for a long time, and they didn’t judge me or anything …
    All of my life I always felt I’d never felt that I was exploiting my real potentiel always broke and still broke.. Never got any chance to proof myself anyway just say .. Im a french canadian by the way from Leech NB Canada … Acadien pure laine… Anyway all of this mouvement gave me some kind of force … And i hope I could help somehow … Im a musician bye he way , a fail Rockstar that just turn arround at my dream at the moment i could make it but never sign the contract with the devil cause im a man of God … Cheer and hope it will get to someone and i get a message back …also Im listen to ToreSays for almost a year now almost never miss a show since … So if you talk to her tell her that I am really graceful for all she do … She start to have a fan club arround here too … So yeah cheer!

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