A deep dive into the details regarding the super-soldier program & how it relates to the creation of Captain America & other super soldiers.
Mirrored from YellowStoneWolfAZ’s Rumble channel: HERE

Video archived by Shaman Starseed

Special Forces - Astral Beachhead Stormtrooper - Minstrel at Galactic Alliance of Light and Love - Bird Tribes Division Studied propaganda, social engineering and methodologies of greed (dropped out) at Institution of Coercion and Indoctrination

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  1. Jake; I hope you are soaring throughout the Universe whilst falsely imprisoned? Most importantly, that you’re regularly visiting tge Sun and pushing buttons and pulling levers. G.

  2. Holy shit dude … Synchronicity at is best … If its real that i am a super soldier well … Im born in an area that they crushing me big time … I think i need help … I refuse to quit tho!.. Lol.. I have more than fate

  3. WRWY and all the other political prisoners, Jake! I saw on your sister’s Telegram that you just got sent to CO, she has been a great cheerleader for you! We are praying your motion for pre-trial release is granted, this is so unjust and you do not deserve to be in the SHU! This is not the America we know and love, but NCSWIC! I’ll be looking forward to more videos from you when you get home, don’t ever stop being the awesome Patriot that you are, “Buffalo Horns Q Shaman Guy”! America loves you and especially your WWG1WGA fam! Thank you for your service and your patriotism, I hope someday I will have the honor and pleasure of meeting you…God bless you and God bless America! 🇺🇸❤️🙏 #FreeJake

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