If there’s only Q and Anons and no QAnon, then what are all of these people talking about.. if MSM reporters seems so alarmed, surely there must be something to it all!
In the end enigmatic Austin Steinbart, DIA agent, has been trying to explain to the public what exactly is happening, but has only drawn massive and abusive attacks. Maybe that should tell you something, and the fact that the same FBI that charged Flynn just put Austin Steinbart in jail for almost 1 full year in Arizona without a trial with weeks in a box included as part of his punishment for calling for a phone activism campaign against a company blatantly censoring actually STEALING his online files that have now been archived in a website here: https://amorphousarchive.com

Video archived by Shaman Starseed

Special Forces - Astral Beachhead Stormtrooper - Minstrel at Galactic Alliance of Light and Love - Bird Tribes Division Studied propaganda, social engineering and methodologies of greed (dropped out) at Institution of Coercion and Indoctrination

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